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Debbie utilizes a holistic, client centered approach and identifies the best therapy solutions for the specific goals desired.

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I offer In person and online therapy sessions. My fee per therapy session, 45-50 minutes is $150 and I accept many types of insurance.  Since I believe in the life changing benefits of therapy, I offer sliding fee scale to clients with special circumstances.


Anxiety Relief

Is anxiety and stress causing you to worry excessively about the outcome of events? Are you worrying about mundane and routine things? Do you find yourself preoccupied with the numerous possibilities and outcomes of a situation, regardless of the plausability of these invented scenarios? [...]


Depression Treatment

If you are experiencing depression you may be feeling sad or hopeless. You may also be losing interest in or not getting pleasure from most of your daily acitivies.Symptoms of depression may include:Feeling worthless or guiltyA lack of concentration or difficulty with decision makingThoughts of [...]


Addiction Treatment

Addiction can take many forms, substance abuse, sex addiction, gambling, shopping and more. Do you find yourself struggling with an addiction? You make a plan to stop but can't seem to stick to it? You would prefer isolating and avoiding social situations and instead [...]


Marriage Counseling

Are you experiencing problems in your marriage? Are you unable to connect to your spouse as you once did? Do you feel unsure about where your relationship is at and are unable to talk about it? Are you missing emotional and physical intimacy? Marriage [...]


Grief and Loss Counseling

Are you experiencing feelings of grief from a loss of someone close to you? Have things changed in your life such as a divorce, loss of a job, health issue that you are finding yourself unable to deal with the emotions these events presented? [...]


Eating Disorder Treatment

When experiencing an eating disorder it is a lonely place. Many times you  isolate your feelings and hide your behaviors. Seeking therapy for eating disorders is a great way to re-gain  control of your life. If you are not sure that you have an [...]

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