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My mission is to help you reconnect to your true self. I believe everyone has the right to be happy and that by clearing up issues from the past, learning skills to create a new mindset and behaviors, it is possible. My style of therapy gives you the opportunity to practice, experience and shift in session and then learn to apply it to your daily life. The results are remarkable.


There are many therapists who are trying to help people. What sets Debbie apart is her interactive therapy methods, that work. Debbie has for over ten years worked with clients who have had many different types of issues and has successfully helped them make positive changes in their lives. Debbie prides herself on being able to get to the core issue quickly and help you identify for yourself what they are so that you get the “aha” moment internally and it stays with you. Debbie also works with many modalities and works specifically with you and your unique needs to make sure that you get the results you need to regain your life back.


Debbie is the best!

…”Everyone has his/her own unique reasons for seeking out a therapist. Debbie is the only one I’ve ever heard ask her client what they’d like to achieve at the start of each session, and stop them, midway, if they’re getting too far off topic. It’s as if she wants to make sure you get results (and your money’s worth) from each session! And, unlike the cartoony picture of the nodding Freudian, she also doesn’t shy away from making concrete suggestions to help you tackle your problems. You might even be encouraged to keep notes on your progress — which are later reviewed to make sure you’re on track.

With Debbie you get the dual-benefit of engaging a therapist and life coach in one!”

~Anonymous Client

…”Debbie is so caring about her patients. She never made me feel like just another person in her office. She always made me feel welcome and she made me want to go to sessions with her. I have been to many therapists over the years, none of whom, I felt respected or truly listened. If they did listen, that’s all they did. Debbie listens, cares and helps with solutions. She is an amazing therapist.”

Debbie is the best!

“Debbie has a great combination of astute intuition, expertise and compassion. She has empowered me to work through many obstacles in my life and to find personal and professional success. I am very grateful for her guidance and believe she has the depth and wisdom to change people’s lives for the better.”

Amazing Therapist

“Debbie is a highly skilled and intuitive therapist in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is multi faceted and knows how to get to the core of the problem quickly. With a heart of compassion, she guides you to a place of hope and healing. If you suffer from anxiety or depression or if your relationship needs couples counseling, Debbie Gottlieb is the right therapist for you.”

Debbie is great.

“Debbie changed my life in ways i can not articulate. Her intensive meditation and breathing exercises opened new doors for me. Her one on one sessions were key to my realizing my full potential. Debbie taught me indispensible ideas which i never knew i never knew. I am who i am today as a direct result of working with her.  Her one on one sessions were key to my realising my full potential.”

Debbie changed my life

“Debbie has worked with my son in therapy for his addiction. Debbie’s total commitment to her clients and their families is evident not only in her therapy methology but in every aspect of her relationship with her clients . Her holistic therapeutic style not only brings about sobriety to the clients she touches but they leave with a greater sense of self worth.. Not only because she believes in them – but she gives them the gift of believing in themselves.”

A committed and caring therapist

“I first went to see Debbie as a couple’s counselor about 5 years ago when my marriage was in turmoil. After the couple sessions stopped I liked her so much that decided to start going on my own. Since then my approach to life’s unchangeable issues has changed about 180 degrees, I am a much more positive person, my acceptance of people around me and their flaws has expanded and my overall outlook on life has turned to positive when before it was all negative…”

Debbie helped change my life

…”I have become more aware as well as have a bag of tricks I can use to combat anxiety and stress that I did not have before. I would recommend and have recommended Debbie to numerous friends and coworkers throughout the years and will continue to do so. I hope you visit her with an open mind and it is the only way anyone can grow as a person and the only way she will do what I call “her magic”.”

I highly recommend Debbie

“Debbie is a talented therapist in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She is caring and knowledgeable and has counseled so many people with anxiety and depression and marital issues. With her extensive experience, she has a knack for helping people. I highly recommend Debbie Gottlieb without reservation!”

I recommend Debbie without reservation!

…”Debbie Gottlieb is that sort of flexible, results-oriented therapist. She helped me gain the strength and confidence to leave a toxic relationship, discover and make the most of my strengths, deal with rape-induced PTSD, find healthy ways of handling anxiety, depression and even general life responsibilities. I now feel fortified with wonderful coping mechanisms and postively engaged in the journey of my unique development. Creating the sort of lilfe that suits me specifically, that can make me feel happy and fulfilled…”

Debbie is amazing!

“Working with Debbie was a life changing experience. I have seen many therapist in all different fields of study in my life, and meeting Debbie, I thought “oh another shrink. I know how to tell the story to get them off my back”. But I didn’t get very far. My first session with Debbie was great. I started my story to try and fool her, but didn’t even get 2 minutes into it before she saw right through it and called me on it. After that, I figured I might as well give in and be honest with her. I was always skeptical of her methods at first but once I gave in to trying them, they were amazing. I am so glad I did, she helped me see alot of stuff about myself I didn’t know needed to be worked on. It changed my life.”

Working with Debbie was a life changing experience.

…”Debbie is so caring about her patients. She never made me feel like just another person in her office. She always made me feel welcome and she made me want to go to sessions with her. I have been to many therapists over the years, none of whom, I felt respected or truly listened. If they did listen, that’s all they did. Debbie listens, cares and helps with solutions. She is an amazing therapist.”

Debbie is a caring and amazing therapist

…”I have been  diagnosed with pretty much every mental disorder under the sun: Cyclothymia, Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD due to physical and sexual assault, Anorexia, addiction. Through my work with Debbie I realized I am so much more than my diagnosis. She has taught me how to trust myself and love myself more. I highly recommend this amazing therapist.”

I highly recommend this amazing therapist

“Debbie, is a highly skilled and compassionate therapist. She provided deep insight and powerful tools to help us as a couple to transform our lives and our relationship.”

Debbie is a highly skilled and compassionate therapist

…”When I met Debbie I had already been to many therapists. I didn’t think she would be able to help me. Well, I was wrong. She came up with many different methods that were new to me and really helped me see a lot of things about me that have helped me change my  life. I am so grateful for Debbie and highly recommend her.”

I am so grateful for Debbie and highly recommend her.

…”Debbie has taught me so much. One of the most important lessons Debbie taught me is that  it’s perfectly OK to say “NO” to requests, especially male requests, and you don’t need to give a reason. Followed by: True friends understand you can’t always be there when they call but still support and care for each other. And it’s OK not to attend every party and gathering or please everyone all the time. I am so grateful for Debbie. She gave me back my confidence and trust in myself. My life has gotten so much better because of her…”

I am so grateful for Debbie. She is the best!


You are on this website for a reason. If you are struggling with any of the issues below, please reach out and call or text me. I have experience helping people get through their hard times and help them regain their life back.


If you are worried about your teen or young adult and think that they are having difficulty navigating their life, please reach out. Teens struggle with many pressures that they find it difficult to talk about and a counselor can help. In addition they may be exhibiting behaviors that are cause for alarm. If this is the case, let them know that you care and talk to them about getting help. Even though young adults have grown out of their teen years, they may need help as well figuring out how to become independent and healthy while figuring out how and what they want to be in this world. Debbie has experience working with teens and young adults and has helped many of them get to a better place in their minds and lives.

Fort Lauderdale Therapist

I am a licensed local therapist based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and provide therapy services to most Broward county areas from Hollywood and Dania Beach in the south to Pompano Beach and Boca Raton in the north.


The mind can work for you or against you. Through Debbie’s methods you learn to control your mind and direct it toward the results you are seeking. The mind becomes a positive force to help you create your best life.


All trauma, big or small is stored in the body. Our bodies are our best indicators of what is happening in our minds. Debbie helps you connect to the wisdom of your body to help reveal unconscious blocks and determine the healing needed to lead you to your path to success.


We are souls having a human experience. Our souls are our true guides. When we learn to listen to our inner voice, the journey of life flows with ease and grace and we get to expereince joy and passion.

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